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Narrative Text-Question and Answer

Narrative Text

                  Aladdin and the Magic Lamp

Once upon a time, there lived a handsome boy in Baghdad. The name was Aladdin. He was a clever boy, but he did not like to work.
One day Aladin’s mother sent him to the market place to look for a job. In the market he met a magician. The magician asked him to work together with him. If Aladdin could do, he would get a lot of gold coins and jewellery. The magician asked Aladdin to go inside the cave and find a magical lamp there. He also gave a ring and said, “If you are in any trouble, rub this ring and a genie will come to your rescue!”
Aladdin went into the cave. Inside the cave, Aladdin was surprised by what he saw. Every corner was full of gold and treasures. A few minutes later, he found the lamp and quickly returned to the entrance of the cave. Aladdin called out, “Magician, I have found the lamp.” “Excellent,” answered the magician. “Quick, pass it to me!”
Aladdin did not trust the magician so he said, “Not so fast Magician. You must help me out of this cave first.”
The magician became very angry. When Aladdin was walking to the entrance, the magician pushed a huge rock over the entrance of the cave and left Aladdin and the lamp behind. Aladdin tried to move the rock all by himself, but it was too big and heavy, “Oh no! I am trapped in the cave!” he cried.
Suddenly, he remembered the magic ring. He rubbed it with the palm of his hand. To his surprise, a genie appeared before him and in a powerful voice said, “Master, I am the Genie of the ring. How can I help you?”
Aladdin was frightened, but he soon found the courage to ask, “Could you please send me back to my house?” In no time at all Aladdin was back home.
Aladdin took out the lamp. He wondered what would happen if he rubbed it. As Aladdin was rubbing it, all of a sudden another enormous genie stood before him. The genie of the lamp said, “Master, your wish is my command.” Aladdin was very excited and wished for an enormous palace and bags full of gold.
One day, a beautiful princess was passing by Aladdin’s palace. She stopped to talk to Aladdin and soon they became good friends. Before long, Aladdin and Jasmine fell in love each other. She married Aladdin and lived happily.

1.      What is the type of the text?
2.      What is the text about?
3.      What is the purpose of the text? 
4.      What kind of generic structure will you find in the text ?
5.      What is the main idea of paragraph 2 ?
6.      What's in the magic lamp aladin ask?
7.       What is given by the magician in aladin?
8.      " He wondered what would happen if he rubbed it. "(paragraph 8). What does the underlined word refer to ?                                                   
9.      "The name was Aladdin. He was a clever boy, but he did not like to work".  What is the similar meaning of the word "like"?
10.   Who favored aladin?

1.      Narrative Text
2.      Aladdin and the Magic Lamp 
3.  To amuse or entertain the reader about Aladdin.
4.      Orientation – complication – resolution.
5.      The magician asked aladin to work together with him.
6.      Aladin asked for a large palace and a bag full of gold.
7.      He gave her a ring and if the ring is rubbed the genie aladin come to the rescue.
8.      The lamp.
9.      "like" = love, favor off,keen on.
10.  Jasmine


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